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If my employee had mentioned anything to me about this, I would have explained why she couldn’t do it.The director has also ordered a reprint of our handbook and all materials to clearly state dressing up in costume for Halloween is not allowed.

I have been in a supervisory role and hiring people for over a decade.

She showed up minutes before the meeting started and came into the room in her full costume, asking everyone to give her candy, to the disbelief of everyone who was present.

She was asked to leave the meeting immediately by someone from the C-suite.

I hadn’t seen any previous signs that she wasn’t fitting into our culture or that she wasn’t following our professional norms, but she’s also right out of school and new to the work world.

Going forward, I’ll make sure my team is clear that we don’t dress up for Halloween.” That’s all you can say, really. It would also be worth making sure that you’re clearly communicating any cultural expectations to new hires, especially more junior ones.

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She said she was going to come as Michonne from The Walking Dead but had decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for work.