Alternative lifestyle dating in las vegas

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Alternative lifestyle dating in las vegas

Portland routinely shows up on lists of best cities for young people and hipsters, and now they’re appearing on this list of cities filled with people depriving their parents of becoming grandparents.However, the money these childless folks save on dance lessons and hockey skates makes it more likely they can afford a tropical escape during Maine’s frigid winter.While this is bad news for locals trying to resell their BABYBJÖRN baby carriers in online mommy forums, it does mean fewer human petri dishes (kids) spreading their germs on mass transit.Truthfully, Ithaca is great place to wait out cold and flu season.One thing the childless-by-choice crowd enjoys, and enjoys a lot of, is peace and quiet.With children making up only 17.5 percent of Madison’s it’s no wonder the city is the 10th quietest in America, according to .Some do it for economic or professional reasons, some for environmental reasons, and others choose it because they value their sleep and free time.

Home to the famed South Beach neighborhood, Miami Beach was recently named magazine’s #1 U. Party City, and not because its packed with Chuck E. Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, a town dedicated to gambling, drinking, and other adult-only vices.

The mere thought of it is enough to justify a DIY vasectomy.

In contrast, imagine the childfree crowd in New Orleans going out any night of the week to see some of the country’s best live music, content in their certainty they’ll never end up at a One Direction show unless they lose a bet.

Not only does Pittsburgh boast an incredibly low number of people under 18—just 16.3 percent of the population, but it’s also has the country’s fourth most bars per capita.

With this kind of access to booze, and no responsibilities at home, it’s no wonder Pittsburgh is fourth most hungover city in America.

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This silence allows childfree locals to save their hearing for live music at the High Noon Saloon.

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