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Jessica isn’t really into women, but she plans to work off some of her rent in bed with the landlady. Hypnotizing Jessica to make her more receptive seemed like such an elegant solution.

Heather, who had been physically altered to look like a sex goddess with a raging libido suddenly finds herself free from her protagonist...

Luminaire joins with new friends to save the day, racing against the clock trying to save the city even as she herself begins to succumb.

In the end, final victory comes but not without sacrifice...

Depressed over relationship troubles, Katie perks up at the news that her favorite band, Symphonic Nebula, is in town performing.

A reunion with her older cousin Sylvia La Silvas cheers the young heroine up, especially when Sylvia decides to play matchmaker and get Katie and Jess back together.

Star hot-bodied athlete Annie Harping yearns to be a Nympho-Slave again while Dr.

And when an old friend from her past decides to take revenge, not only will her life be in danger, but the lives of everyone close to her.

but when Danny comes along and gains access to the program, does his strong moral values withstand the onslaught of overwhelming temptation?

Christine brings her daughter Robin to the Abbey, hoping she’s taught Robin enough to fare better than she did, in the Fledging all freshmen undergo.

The happy reunion is cut short, however, when a new enemy emerges from the shadows.

In the weeks following the Incident with Supernova, things have finally begun to return to normal.

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In the weeks following the Incident with Supernova, things have finally begun to return to normal. Jimmy Frasier is fighting his own inner darkness, trying to come to terms with the sheer scope of his new powers.

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  1. The plan was simple, done before, when the others left in the morn, Jill would stay behind, her mom running late, happened alot or sometimes I dropped her off, nothing unusual.