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Array asp dynamically in updating

The beauty of his approach is that this dictionary data is then passed to the default model binder which binds it to the final object with validation! There’s no need to specify a model binder on classes that accept JSON input.I took the liberty of updating Javier’s sample to use this new value provider and to actually post JSON to the action method.And as you can see in the Fiddler screenshot, I sent an invalid Age to the server and yet, it all still works. I can finally cross this off of my immense blog backlog. I hope you find this useful and as always, let me know if there are ways we can improve it!:) Hopefully soon, I’ll blog a more detailed write-up of value providers. Oh, and here’s Javier’s updated sample with the value provider.We’re going to use: Posting Multiple Items At Once The key to this feature is posting multiple related elements which end up in a list.

This provides a method to specify both the JSON data and the JSON content type for the request.By writing a custom model binder, you miss out on validation.Using his example, if you type “abc” for the and the serialization will fail.Think of keys for a hashtable- the key can be anything you want. List Name", "My Shopping List"); shopping Controller. The hashtable is a list of the complex type your building, so typing hashtable["my Key'] returns the complex type, and you have access to all properties of that type.

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