Beauty and the geek contestants dating

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Later, she disapproved of Ankur’s unibrow, chasing him with tweezers. In the month of taping, the contestants were confined to a giant mansion with fully catered meals, pool tables, and hot tub.

Ankur said that many of the girls were actually as ditzy as they appeared and that his eyebrows were never plucked. Ankur said that there was always a casting person around the mansion.

And Lachlan and I had an early night because we had a big day today. We got to bed early because it’s been quite a hectic period. We were contractually obliged not to tell anyone, so that’s what I did, I honoured the contract. Sarah: With that one, Lachlan showed me on the show that he’s quite the dancer, so he’d always choreograph routines.

We’ve known for three months that we won, so it was a lot more exciting for family and friends who didn’t know. How did you manage to keep it a secret for so long? I usually can’t keep my mouth shut, so with this I was very proud of myself that I didn’t tell friends. He changed his routines quite a lot, so when I saw that question I thought, ‘Oh gosh, I have no idea what his next step would be,’ because he did it differently every time I watched. Lachlan: For the moment it’s staying, but if Jordan and I go as a couple long into the future and she still has an issue with it, and if we get engaged or I marry her, then I think I’ll consider getting the ‘Sarah and Lachlan’ part removed. Have you and Jordan discussed how you’re going to make your relationship work across different states?

We had limited time to sleep, so any time that we could we’d sneak a nap in. I’m doing my best, but I still tend to get around in whatever when I’m not at an event or social function. I’ll probably invest the money back into my future. Lachlan: Certainly, I’d consider it if opportunities arose or offers came up.

So I haven’t totally given away old habits [laughs]. And Christmas is coming up, so I’m gonna have to buy some nice gifts for people who mean a lot to me. They’re not rolling in, so I’m very happy to go back to uni and study law, and follow the political aspirations I have.

Otherwise, Ankur said that he acted naturally while in the mansion, although he was portrayed as an arrogant intellectual from MIT.

At that point, Lachlan and I hadn’t even left the house yet, whereas they’d been eliminated, so it was a bit soon, but we saw it coming. Sarah: It was quite a busy schedule all the time, so if we weren’t filming challenges it was interviews or preparing for challenges. Lachlan: I’ve kept in touch with maybe, in terms of any regularity, perhaps 25 percent of the cast? Now that the cheque for the win is in the mail, I might have to invest a little bit of money into getting a few more items in the wardrobe department.

On the show, the geeks and beauties form teams of couples and compete in a series of challenges together for the prize.

During a trivia contest on the first show, Jennipher, a camp counselor who was Ankur’s partner, couldn’t identify a picture of John Kerry.

Actually, I was playing it up a bit.” “The screenwriters have a general script about how they want an episode to play out,” Mehta said.

He said that the writers interviewed the cast to make sure the cast’s actions roughly matched their plans for the plot.

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This year, Beauty and the Geek is getting a tropical twist, with the new group of Beauties and Geeks heading to Fiji for TV’s quirky, fun and funny social experiment.

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