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Bestonlinedatingservice com

Ad blocking is costing publishers millions of dollars and making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach their target audiences.Use of ad blocking has grown 41% (PDF) year over year, according to Page Fair. To date, much of the industry’s conversation has focused on how to stop ad blocking, which is the wrong approach.Propensity score matching between phase 0 and 2 found agreement for 97.7% for gender, 97.3% for operative status, 80.9% for operative status, 98.1% for the use of anticoagulants, 99.2% for redo status, and 95.7% for an age difference less than 5 years.2017: The Year The Holding Companies Fell To Earth The Five Forces That Transformed Programmatic Auctions In 2017 Metadata Will Supercharge Video, But It’s Still Early Days Brand Safety In 2017: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going India-Based Times Internet Bets On Products, Not Ads, To Grow Media Business M&A 2017: The Year Of Simplifying And Strengthening The Top Stories And Trends Of 2017 In Data-Driven Advertising Data And Diversification: How Publishers Survived 2017 Ad Colony CEO Will Kassoy Gets The Boot As Revenue Is Set To Tumble In Q4 Lately, all anyone in ad tech is talking about is ad blocking, and for good reason.When Napster, Lime Wire, Kazaa and other tools emerged around 15 years ago, a seismic and irreversible shift began. Without the ability to monetize their work, how would artists be able to keep producing great content?This same question plagues the world of digital content.

Then Apple came along and realized that people want to download music, so much so that they’re willing to pay for it. They made it frictionless, so that paying 99 cents for a song on i Tunes was a better experience than locating it for free on a file-sharing site. Today, Spotify has 20 million paying subscribers, people happy to pay a fee to seamlessly access the content that they want.

In three years alone, from 2006 to 2008, the music industry spent million in lawsuits.

What was the result of all of this time, money and effort?

That means many consumers are using ad blocking as virus protection Many cited displeasure with the advertising they’re seeing, which doesn’t surprise me because while there is good digital advertising out there, so many digital ads are annoying or intrusive. Consumers don’t want to be tracked without recourse and are uncomfortable with how much of their personal information is being used for ad targeting.

Whether it’s downloading music or prohibition, we know that preventing people from doing something they really want to do will ultimately fail.

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Rather than trying to prevent users from blocking ads, we should focus on resolving the issues that made them block ads in the first place.

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