Bible study lessons for dating couples

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Bible study lessons for dating couples

But just like now, as we come to a certain point, you have to stop and analyze a particular doctrine. And as we come through Genesis Revelation, I think we hit every major subject in Scripture all of them.

So tonight, well just take a look, briefly at eternal security.

Is the blood of Christ sufficient to take us through those times of testing and in the final judgment and so forth?They have totally taken it out of context and as I said, they have overdone this doctrine of eternal security.And so with this concept now then coming from the Ark, my wife and I have often talked, you know all the teachers that we ever heard and sat under they usually take a subject, you know, theyll teach maybe for a week on the Holy Spirit, and may teach a week on the Trinity. Those of you who have been with me a long time know we always start in Genesis and just go on through.And when I begin to explain the flood if not this half-hour hopefully the next one, youre going to know what Im talking about. There is no other foundation than that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus.That old box didnt float up on some calm ocean of water. But what I wanted you to see as we start out tonight is that God shut the door. And so this is the reason that there was only one door going into the Ark and when that door was shut, there was no possible way for entrance by anyone else.

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But all these things I think are pertinent with regard to our own salvation experience.

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