Blind dating movie soundtrack

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Blind dating movie soundtrack

50 First Dates soundtrack lyrics: 'Iz - somewhere Over The Rainbow', 'Beach Boys - wouldn't It Be Nice', '311 (The Cure) - Love Song', 'Adam Sandler - forgetful Lucy', 'Wyclef Jean Feat.

The record is the band's first in three years, following on the heels of 2014's 'Talkin' Christmas!This time, the techno-dystopic anthology series introduces the whimsical romance story “Hang the DJ,” which takes a withering look at the dating app scene.Yes, it’s trying to make you look guiltily at your Tinder app..The music needed to speak directly and authentically to the Blind Boys' soul.The result is 'Almost Home,' a 12-track collection that captures the band's singular spirit and pulls off the masterful feat of looking backwards while still sounding as vital and modern as ever.

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