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C., but also an incredible trove of burial riches that serve as a time capsule into the origins of Greek civilization. It took conservation experts more than a year to clean the limestone-encrusted seal, say dig leaders Shari Stocker, a senior research associate in UC's Department of Classics, and Jack Davis, the university's Carl W.Blegen professor of Greek archaeology and department head.

"Looking at the image for the first time was a very moving experience, and it still is," said Stocker.It looks like Cretan won on this occasion, we know the Carans changed sides and may have aligned themselves with Mycenaean to subsequently seized control of what remained of the Minoan empire.The seal may record the demise of the Minoan empire.But to do so you have to avoid the jabbing hoplite.The drawing is misleading there is no outward thrust leg on the seal itself, the Minoan is leaping!

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It would take another year before the so-called "Griffin Warrior" revealed his most stunning historical offering yet: an intricately carved gem, or sealstone, that UC researchers say is one of the finest works of prehistoric Greek art ever discovered.