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In 2013, xx was ranked number 237 on NME magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.Croft and Sim played guitar and bass, respectively, and dueted as the band's vocalists, while Smith programmed electronic beats for their songs, and Qureshi doubled as a keyboardist and additional guitarist.A three-number unit such as the 205th Military Police belong to a Corps commanded by a three-star General, and a four-number unit such as the 4077 MASH (Hawkeye Pierce's unit) the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital belongs to the Army Commander, a four star General. The 191st Assault Helicopter Company was somewhat typical of helicopter support for the 9th Infantry. Two "Slick" platoon consisted of 10 helicopters each which inserted, transported, and extracted troops.The 191st was stationed at Bearcat from 5'67 til 8'68, and then moved to Dong Tam. The white and yellow tail markings designated the platoon so the troops would have an easy way to identify them coming.

Vietnamese Navy Headquarters - Swirley Pattern Aircraft Control - Waterpipe Chu Lai Defense Command - Evening Star Hue Defense Command - Socialite Alfa Decca Station at Cu Lao Re - Decca Green Locations: Boundry of 2C and 2D - (Any City) Cuo Lao Re - (Any Cigarette) Mui Batangan - (Any Street) Mui An Hoa - (Any Beer) Cap Sa Hoi - (Any Animal) Cap Mia - (Any Disney Character) Marine Corps: CG, 1st MARDIV - Corsair 1st MARDIV - Complex (coll.) Air Observer (USMC) - Black Coat 1st Marines/RLT-1 - Blackwell 1st BN, 1st Marines/BLT-1/1 - Today All Stations This Net (1st MARDIV) - Crew Cut NGF Liaison Team - 26 Oscar (preceded by After Burner in Area I, and Salted Flakes in Area II) NILO Chu Lai - Iron Pellets Charlie CG, III MAF - Franchise TF Xray - Emery Wheel CG, 3rd MARDIV - Sudden Death Flare Ship - Spooky III MAF - Negotiate Marine Medium Helicopter Squadrons HMM-165 - Bear Cat-1 Copyright 1999-2014 by Don Blankenship.At the platoon level, Five would designate the Platoon Sergeant.While there are exceptions to the rule, a two-number designated unit such as the 47th infantry denotes it belongs to a division commanded by a two star General.You may use the images, descriptions, stories or text within this site, with proper credit, for non-commercial, not-for-profit purposes only. Thanks for your interest in learning about the Mobile Riverine Force.In the event you wish to use any material contained within this site for commercial, for-profit purposes, permission must be obtained from the author, Don Blankenship, in advance of such use.

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Thanks to all who have provided additions and/or corrections to the list. * Notes to Army Call Signs: Thanks Ron Menner for this excellent information on breaking down Army Call Signs.

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