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Cher is dating

“We ended up having a lot of fun together.” At the same time, the mercurial Cher declares: “I’d love to have another baby, though just one more. She busts me.” The kids get along well with Simmons, whom they call “Genie.” If Chas hadn’t asked for Mom to get Simmons’ autograph for her at a party, they would never have met.I don’t know when I’m going to have time to do it, but then I didn’t have time for these two either.” Simmons adds: “We’ve talked about getting married, but all this is new to me. Now, says Cher, “Gene takes Chastity to the movies and they get in food fights. When he had time off and I wasn’t home, he came out to be with them.” Beams Cher: “It’s hard to find someone who likes your kids as much as you do—especially when they didn’t have anything to do with it.” For those men who did have something to do with it, Cher retains a special respect.“I want to do other stuff besides being a performer,” she admits, “but not politics. I’ve got good insight into people, and I’d like to use that someday to help other people.As crazy as people think I am,” says Cher, with considerable justice, “I’ve really always been honest. It’s gotten me into trouble, but I always say so if I’m screwing up.” What’s next?“Asking me about the future is pointless,” admits Cher with her growing self-knowledge. “I’ve only been comfortable with three people in my life,” says Cher.

She still plans to buy her own rink if she finds the right price.“The architect and I got a lot of ideas from the souvenir book that came with the TV movie ,” Cher admits ingenuously.The two-story mansion is being built around a central courtyard with a glass roof that opens electrically.Does all of this imply a more permanent attachment with Simmons?“I’m not saying marriage would never happen, but I’m not planning on it.

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But in the this-is-your-life scenes, she cut costs by hiring female impersonators to play her buddies Diana Ross and Bette Midler.