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Their posts not only show pictures of their newest cars but give praise to the people who make them.The content shows off the personality behind the products, giving fans a deeper insight into the brand.Fast moving technology and digitalized markets have consumers wanting more personalization and a customer experience designed specifically for them.CX NEXT: Next Generation of Customer Experience Leadership is a call to action for industry leaders tasked with understanding what is required to win with a strategic customer experience program.”; these words uttered so eloquently describe his life’s work and is what separates this automaker from the rest.They strive for excellence in their craftsmanship, and are now using digital media to communicate this to the world – with a lot of success.Using Socialbakers data, we took a look at how Global Electronics Brands are tapping into the Christmas season with their holiday social media campaigns. It’s that time of the season again when everyone is looking to get trim for the New Year.Are Electronics Brands taking their performance to new heights on Facebook? As a consequence, Facebook Sports Pages are are receiving a lot of action.

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Through various hands on exercises and presentations including, keynotes, case studies, roundtables, and offsite excursions, this year’s CX Next will enable you to better understand the consumer and bring experiences to life in a human way.

Keynotes: Experts in the field of customer experience and behavioral studies will speak on the future of consumer needs and utilizing the plethora of data available on these future consumers.

Find out in this highly visual social media infographic!

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  1. The major prepares students for a variety of career paths, including investment banking, management consulting, facilities and process management, or for graduate school in industrial engineering, operations research, business, economics, law, medicine, or public policy . What is entrepreneurial leadership in a venture that spans country borders? Explore the foundational and strategic elements needed for startups to be designed for "venture scale" at inception.