Chronic illness dating

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In that condition, hands and feet can become so cold that they turn blue and the tissue may be damaged.

As long as the situation isn't extreme, the body should be able to overcome the effect of the environment.Because of dysautonomia, though, when someone with FMS or ME/CFS gets chilled feet, the body isn't able to adapt properly, so the feet stay cold.Even putting on thick socks may not help warm up the feet.In face, in a study on skin temperature changes in FMS, researchers noted lower tolerance to cold and a more extreme drop in temperature when exposed to near-freezing water.Many researchers believe these illnesses involve something called dysautonomia, which means dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.

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A June report from the Government Accountability Office found that approval rates throughout the VA complex for claims relating to Gulf War illness, or GWI, are one-third as high as for other disabling conditions.