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Consolodating software

) I would recommend that folks enable the policy at “Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon”.

That policy would force all foreground Group Policy processing to run synchronously–all the time.

Again, I’m not saying, “Don’t use filtering.” I’m saying, filtering should not be your main strategy, unless you are absolutely forced to. : It’s a constant question I get–“Do I have too many GPOs?

For example–you have an OU with 10, 000 user accounts in it and the only way you can distinguish those users is via security groups. ” There is definitely such a thing as too many GPOs.

Some of our biggest customers’ GPO counts range in the 1000s!

To that end, we’ve developed a number of high-level guidelines and best practices that we like to apply when going into any new engagement, and I want to share some of these best practices here. This usually translates into linking to OUs rather than at the domain level.This helped with issues around Software Installation and Folder Redirection policy not processing the first time the user logged on (or the computer booted).But what it also did is slowed down every single boot and logon, waiting for Group Policy to finish processing. It doesn’t so much anymore (and if I think back on it, it probably never did).Do you really need those 10 GPOs each with 1 setting in them?If they are all targeting the same group of users or computers, then combine them.

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