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We are also most grateful that so many have found inspiration in sharing this piece of our community and our expression of our Faith.The music is, indeed, an overflow of who we are in the heart of Mother Church.Als u in Nederland woont kunt u het beste lid worden van een van de vele plaatselijke afdelingen van de NBv V.U ontvangt dan maandelijks het tijdschrift 'Onze Vogels', u krijgt uw eigen kweeknummer en u kunt ringen voor uw vogels bestellen.We wanted to share the music that is very ‘us’ — which does tend to span many centuries from the ancient to the new. We have very diverse taste and we love to mix in familiar with some lesser known songs that will hopefully add to everyone’s Christmas music ‘shuffle’ — God willing!We are always writing music and the Sisters love learning new songs.The 20The Sisters sing beautifully acapella and the chapel is a virtuoso itself as it is the key intersection between our earthly choir of Sisters and the choir of angels who surely sing with us and heighten our human efforts!Beyond that we have the organ, flute, violin and even guitar playing on one of my favorite tracks — We had many requests from family and friends of our community to share our Christmas music for those who can’t be with us at Christmas.

Today, we teach preschool through college all over the United States and have the great honor of working and studying in Rome as well.Wir dokumentieren die Botschaft im Wortlaut: «Weihnachten findet immer statt. Er kommt stets aufs Neue zu uns, damit wir uns in seiner Liebe geborgen, gehalten und getragen wissen. So wie eine schwangere Frau nichts 'tun' muss, damit das Kind in ihr heranwächst und schließlich geboren wird.Die Weihnachtsbotschaft ist der entschiedene, starke und eindeutige Widerspruch Gottes zu allem Leistungsdenken. Es hat einen guten Grund, warum Gott in der Gestalt eines Kindes über den Weg von Empfängnis und Schwangerschaft in die Welt gekommen ist. The original compositions are: with a beautiful lesser known Polish Hymn.Being as I am Polish, this was near and dear to me while it also seems to have connected as a favorite with many who have sent in comments about it being their favorite as well.

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