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A body of scholarly work addresses the date of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. It was a day when food and other things needed for Saturday were prepared in advance.

This body of work, together with Roman and Jewish histories, archaeoastronomy and the words of the Bible allow us to identify the day and almost the moment of his death. This is our first clue to the date of the crucifixion, because all four Gospels state that Jesus was crucified on Preparation Day, a Friday (3).

Passover always begins on the 14th day of the Jewish lunar month of Nisan.To answer this and many other questions concerning Israel in Bible prophecy, we invited as a special guest on our television program Christ in Prophecy radio host Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries, located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.Jan’s “Understanding the Times” radio program broadcasts nationally on more than 800 radio stations!(Nisan 14 is in the Spring, which is why Easter is celebrated then).By Judean tradition, Passover begins at twilight, the dividing line between Nisan 14 and 15 Gallileans, like Jesus, apparently reckoned the 24-hour day from sunrise-to-sunrise.

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Number one, the pulpits are silent on the topic of Israel in Bible prophecy, so how are their people supposed to know Israel is prophetically important unless they are watching programs like “Christ in Prophecy”?