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Most have been unearthed in Europe, but others have been found as far away as Siberia, extending their distribution across much of Eurasia, although with many gaps, such as the Mediterranean outside Italy.

So I e-mail handful guy as Michelle: "Have you read the Game by Neil Strauss? I hit the sleazeball jackpot, a longtime pickup artist. " He asks me to watch him and tell him what I think. Afterward, I e-mail to ask if he was flirting with the host. -- "moving to ten states for my job, romantic fantasies. But I think you're a nice-looking gentleman." Still, it's rejection, and a lot of men take it hard. A rambling e-mail is better than "u a hottie." It's from a guy with the screen name "watchmeontelevision." Who could it be? "Never will we share a malbec overlooking the Rio at CÛrdoba in Argentina," writes one Harley-riding architect. Never will you look into mine." A bit over-the-top, but I know what he's saying. Various figurines exaggerate the abdomen, hips, breasts, thighs, or vulva, although many do not, and the concentration in popular accounts on those that do reflects modern preoccupations rather than the range of actual artefacts.In contrast, arms and feet are often absent, and the head is usually small and faceless.

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Depictions of hairstyles can be detailed, and especially in Siberian examples, clothing or tattoos may be indicated.