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Years ago, Chief Burgers pioneered fast food in Peshawar.

Originally, Café Crunch was one outlet in a chain of cafes called Masoom’s Café.Restaurant Layalina, in the Shelton Hotel, produces delectable dishes inspired by traditional Peshawari food, with influences from other Asian countries.There is also a selection of Italy’s irresistible pizzas and pasta. 150,000 hotels worldwide100 Pakistani Hotels Online booking in 13 cities & 6 summer destinations Call us from 9 AM to 5 PMGet 24-hour support before, during, and after your trip through email Peshawar, the capital and famous city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is divided into three sections, the old city, cantt and the university Road Where "Hotel Grand” is an expression of its age.Hotel Grand Peshawar provides comfort and modern facilities to the Guests with traditional hospitality.

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Pakistani cooking is a complex and elaborate range of dishes, spices and flavors with mixed influences from the Middle East, the Far East and neighbouring India.