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Dating public relations services

We tested a total of 63 users: 35 individual investors and 28 professionals (institutional investors, financial analysts, and business journalists).

Although we typically aim to recruit an even balance of men and women, 73% of the participants in these studies were men, reflecting the current state of the investment business.

Because users and their tasks largely overlap for websites' IR areas, we can recommend a standard IA based on our research of users' information needs and navigation behavior.

If all websites organized their IR information accordingly, it would be substantially easier for users to research investments.

Offering a simple design and a coherent story about the company is better than drowning users in incomprehensible data.This does not mean that companies can ignore professionals when putting IR information on their own websites, but it does mean that companies must be resigned to having their websites play a secondary role in satisfying professionals' information needs.Interestingly, even though professional users despised overly promotional or marketing-oriented information on company websites, they did appreciate getting the company "spin" through such things as recent CEO speeches that outlined goals and prospects.Although you must offer more detailed data as well, users commented positively on websites that summarized essential stock information on a single page. Note, however, that there is a difference between telling a credible, interesting, and concise story, and junking up people's browsers with superficial hype and marketing-oriented language.Individual investors also wanted the company to tell them a story about its potential as an investment. It's a fine line, but an important one if you want to convince investors of your company's prospects.

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Summary: Individual investors are intimidated by overly complex IR sites and need simple summaries of financial data.