Dating sight unseen

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Dating sight unseen

Jordan is convinced of the girls’ innocence and seeks advice from an unlikely source to save the girl from prison.

Jordan and Woody are 3000 miles from Boston on the trail of the man that may hold the answer to Jordan's questions about her mothers' death. Macy is struggling with the disappearance of Jordan and trying to solve a case of his own.

Boston is at the mercy of a blizzard and the morgue staff at the mercy of an unknown toxin. Jordan is convinced the killer is the husband, but the evidence does not support her theory. Woody takes on the task of solving the triple homicide. A woman is beaten to death and her husband is the prime suspect. It is the first day at the office for new resident, Devan Maguire.

It stars Jill Hennessy as the crime-solving medical examiner, Jordan Cavanaugh.

Elsewhere a woman tries to convince Bug that an invasive autopsy is not needed for her husband, which sparks Bug's suspicions.

A young woman has been missing for seven years, and everyone is shocked when she washes up on shore after a storm. Macy and Bug take on the case of a surgeon who goes under the knife of another surgeon.

This case will do more than test Jordan’s skills as a pathologist - it will also test her mentally as some memories come flooding back.

One of America's finest abandons her post in Afghanistan and is later found dead in Boston.

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A woman is shot in an apparent car jacking; Jordan and Elaine make an unlikely team investigating this one.