Dating site for college students only

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Dating site for college students only

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But if you could focus your attention on students who are a good match for you, and for whom your institution is a good fit, you’d enroll more students, more efficiently.

Intersect™ by Hobsons helps raise the awareness of your institution with potential best-fit students, their families, and their school counselors, and enables you to connect with those students when they’re ready to hear your message.

In the first year of implementation and use, the Starfish platform has led to increased communication among faculty, advisors, students, and support services, as well as an increase in the university’s formal retention rate.

The successful adoption of the Starfish platform can be attributed to the capabilities of the platform and ease of use, the full-time and part-time faculty commitment to student success, and the personnel on the Starfish implementation team.

Many institutions focus on getting as many prospects into their admission funnel as possible, then spend a lot of time and effort getting a small percentage of those prospects to matriculate.Finding a university that is a good fit for the student is what the college search is all about.More than ever, higher education institutions are investing in different programs and interventions to support student advising, retention and completion.And there are some additional features, which make us better.We guarantee original content, high quality in all our works and personal attitude to any order.

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Often, these programs are not coordinated or scalable.

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