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Dating software v7 0

The full version of Doudou Linux is freely available for download without any use restrictions!

If you like our work and want to support our project, you can later freely decide to make a donation or visit our online shop.

Moreover, as indicated on page Creating a Doudou Linux USB key, you can use these DVD image files to create a Live USB device and boot Doudou Linux from an USB storage device (USB key or disk) instead of a DVD.Nonetheless these files are usually called Live CD and never Live DVD, that is why we may be still referring to a CD in the documentation even if a DVD is obviously required.If you find our server slow for downloading, we propose you use our torrent files: to know what has changed since the previous releases.No need to read 2,000 pages of a license agreement or terms of use written in lawyers jargon and changing every two months behind your back, Doudou Linux is 100% made with free software and free artwork under various free licenses, mainly GPL.

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