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If I’m working for a company is it their responsibility to pay for the DOT physical exam? An Federal DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Interstate) is valid nationwide so you can get certified in any state, no matter which state you have your CDL.

See also: Who can I go to to get my DOT physical exam done?

Requirements for local drivers (intrastate) are regulated by the DMV of each state.

What do I do with the medical certificate and long form once I get them?There are, of course, many of us who 2012 saw some ads that will certainly be remembered for months to come: Volkswagon's "The Dog Strikes Back," M&M's "Just My Shell," H&M's "David Beckham Bodywear," Best Buy's "Phone Invaders." Lucky for you, you can have a second shot at watching the buzzed ads right here. Which ads did you think were most successful this year?Which brands wasted their money on the year's most expensive commercial slots? They can require you to take a new physical exam, if is company policy. They are most often referred to as a DOT medical when referring to the DOT medical card, and DOT physical when referring to the DOT physical exam, and sometimes drivers refer to them as a CDL physical or CDL medical.They also usually will pay for the exam if they require it. The DOT physical exam requirements do not include a drug test.

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Is the DOT medical card transferrable or do I have to get a new one when I start a new job? Can I get a copy of my DOT physical long form or will I have to take another physical? What if I recently developed a medical condition that I couldn’t drive. Can my Company have different medical requirements than the FMCSA requirements?