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Dating veterinarians pa

In northern New Jersey this regal creature maintains its presence as a valuable asset as well as a symbol of the last remaining wilderness areas.American black bear are approximately five feet long and vary in weight.They have not only an abundance of food, but also a varied selection. Back up slowly and speak in a calm, assertive and assuring voice. If the bear will not leave, move to your house, car or building if available.If encountering a black bear, The Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife has these tips: Stay calm and use common sense. If a bear sounds a series of huffs or snap or pop its jaws and swat the ground, it is a warning sign that you are too close. Depending on the season, the bears will find cherries, acorns, grasses, various kinds of berries, tree bark, corn, and even bee hives to choose from.Black bear prefer to live in dense cover, such as forests, cedar swamps, thickets, brush and clear cuts populated with saplings.Their choice of home range is determined by the types and availability of food.Black bears generally live about 10 years, though a few may survive twice that period.The most important known mortality factor for the black bear is vehicle kills.

In New Jersey the black bear lives in the wild without any specific designation.

Luckily, they are much better than the brown bear at coexisting with humans. The black bear population in the Skylands region has risen to 50 times what is was two decades ago.

It is at an estimated all-time high of 1,000 animals and growing.

Their fur is bee-proof and the occasional sting on the nose is well worth the honey they may find.

Bears are omnivores, meaning they eat many different kinds of animal and plant food.

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Several bears may share the same territory if there is enough food to go around, but the dominant male will defend his territory fiercely.