Examples of consolidating data in excel

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Track your company’s key performance metrics in a dashboard that shows data in both table and graph formats.This KPI dashboard example offers a simple, eye-catching layout for easy sharing and deciphering.While this may be beyond the scope of data analysis for some dashboards, including the impact will make your recommended actions hold more weight.Of course, the content of a dashboard report will depend on the audience - keep this in mind when customizing your dashboard to make it more effective.A Dev Ops dashboard can help keep developers on track for any project, and supports an Agile approach by highlighting features, releases, and unresolved issues.Use the dashboard for communication among a Dev Ops team, to monitor performance, and to keep the development process running smoothly.A social media dashboard allows you to monitor your performance on multiple channels in one report.Use this dashboard template to track audience engagement and make strategic decisions about where to focus your social media marketing efforts.

You have a couple options for getting started with your own dashboard.

Use it for documenting KPIs and creating consistent reports for stakeholders.

A supply chain dashboard can be used for reviewing inventory, orders, and process efficiency.

Choose your KPIs based on organizational goals and quantifiable measures of success.

This template is just one executive dashboard example - to learn more, read our post on executive dashboard types and best practices.

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Ultimately, a dashboard has the potential to save time, provide clear communication, and drive business goals in the right direction.

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