Fine not updating address driving licence

Posted by / 29-Apr-2019 02:42

Fine not updating address driving licence

All old style New Zealand driver licences (booklet or paper) have now been expired for more than five years.

You will need to pass a theory test and your new licence will be issued for a further five years.You should carry your driver licence with you at all times when driving, as drivers are required by law to produce their driver licence immediately on request to a police officer.If you're caught driving on an expired licence you could face a 0 fine and, if summonsed to court, you could be fined up to 00.The employer then has to log on themselves and use the code to visually inspect the results or print them off.The results will typically need to be typed into another database or Excel spreadsheet, and updated each and every time.

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However, if you can produce evidence you've been licensed to drive during the past five years (for example with an overseas driver licence) you may not need to sit the tests.