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Plus he was impressed with Star decorating her new bedroom.

When the sun rises one morning without Chanticleer’s crow, he leaves the farm in disgrace and runs off to become a rock ‘n’ roll singer.His desire to destroy the wand is to remove a huge threat to his kind.Because Toffee knows if he takes the wand, it becomes a Mac Guffin to be reclaimed, whereas destroying it takes it off the table. He instinctively protected Star from Ludo's army in the first episode, and he expressed a desire for more excitement in his life.The creature also demands that he becomes the homeroom teacher for 3rd grade E class at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The creature then becomes the homeroom teacher of 3rd grade E class which consists of failed students including Nagisa Shiota (Ryosuke Yamada). Meanwhile, the government requests that the students try to kill Teacher Koro even though he possesses super powers.The government offers a 10 billion yen reward for whomever successfully kills him.

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The students are confused by the situation, but decide to kill Teacher Koro.

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