Funny dating site taglines

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Funny dating site taglines

I fall short of its principle, but I work toward its ideal.There is great power in the words of my life motto for me.It also tells a reader or someone clicking through for the first time what I’m all about. Tony Hsieh of (“We’re a service company that happens to sell shoes”) helped create a billion dollar company (acquired by in 2009) by focusing on creating a culture around its motto and its core values.He preaches the doctrine that by focusing on culture, everything else falls into place. Just as corporate mottos can be infused into the culture of a business, so a family or personal motto can work its way into the very DNA of our personal lives and family culture as well.Millions upon millions of corporations, nations, cities and states, government agencies, non-profit organizations, clubs and events have created and adopted mottos as expressions of what they want to be and how they want to be seen, what they strive for and as a reflection of their core beliefs and values and as a way to infuse into the organization those values they want absorbed into the organizational climate. ~ Boy Scouts Other well-known mottos include “This too shall pass” “The customer is always right” and “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Having an organizational motto allows corporations and other organizations to instruct incoming recruits on what the corporate culture is all about, what drives them, what their organizational passion is.

Repeating a phrase over and over again creates emotional and moral dissonance if we never live by the phrases we use.

The responses would then be read back anonymously and the winner would be decided by one whose response generates the most laughter/applause from the studio audience.

The winner "wins the Internet for the next 23.5 hours".

It is, in other words, the heart and soul of the organization. one day at a time.” I have 4 more phrases in my header that add meaning and direction to how that discovery can be pursued: “Live with Purpose, Act with Character, Think with Clarity, Grow with Courage.” This is the essence of what I do.

It motivates me and keeps me up late at night writing and editing and thinking about ways to get what I have to say out into a larger world.

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It represents a fundamental belief that helps shape behavior as we try to live up to the message it expresses. It has even taken on a life of its own, having been adopted by millions as a sort of personal anthem.

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