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So far I still can't click the TV Listings button on the TV controls, but it IS ACTIVE and CLICKABLE immediately after opening it! But an instant later it mysteriously becomes grayed out and different icons show up! For non HD content the ATI site talks about a channel guide they call EPG.That may well be software like Gemstar that is only available on the install CD. ATI or AMD is including Gemstar again on the CD, at least it's on the CD that came with my AIW 9800 Pro.I just posted some links to some older MMC versions that don't have TVo D on all the time, you should try one of those. I'm still working on some reg hacks and batch files to see if I can disable TVo D on v9.16 of the MMC. Computers Custom ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ben Moore" Clint, Titan TV only works with HD content and you have to use it through their website.I have tried all of the suggested fixes found within the manuals but they are not helping. I also have a Sony DHG-HDD250 which also uses TVGOS, but it is a HD recorder (that means full DIGITAL capabilities, including the TVGOS ) My TVGOS went out in the middle of April.I messed around on the support sites for about two weeks and found little real info.

PGE (if that's what you mean), is Gemstar Guide Plus. But it's the exact same version that you have, or had. Looks like it's then when you update it, it goes to believe I have that on a bunch of bundled CD's around here but I never realized what it was.

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It's disturbing to hear that ATI has turned TV on demand on all the time.

I also have a Haupage card with Beyond TV and that's the way it works. So there is no way to have a regular TV feed and the computer in sync on different screens. I checked my AIW Radeon 9800 Pro CD and it's like v8.5x.

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