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Gethin jones dating

Gethin Jones is ready to get married, bu what does the fate plans for him?

Life is weird, and how well you plan your life accordingly, life has its plan already set for you.

I’m 38 now and the older I get, the more relaxed I feel about it.

I know how much ‘enough’ is and I got to that stage a few years ago.My parents were teachers and they taught me about the value of money. Yes, straight after university when I moved back in with my parents.To this day, I still have a massive respect for anything I buy and I have never got into debt. I ended up going back to S4C and working on the complaints hotline.My sister Mererid says to me: “Why don’t you just find yourself a normal girl? I interviewed her once and I spent 20 minutes trying to remember what I was going to ask her because I just found her so gorgeous.Obviously, she has an incredible body, but she is so nice and when she smiles, it’s like: “What were you saying?

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Famous TV presenter Gethin Jones, however, lies in the latter league, as he is willing to get married and settle down. I hope one day I am blessed to be married and have children, but you can’t force the issue.