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Greek city dating au

George was not a public servant so soon after being commissioned left the army; I served on, moving to the inactive list when I too left the public service and spent the last years of my working career working for a succession of banks.We lost contact; George is an active member of the UNSWR Association, I whilst remaining a member have not been active.Part of Colonel Fieldings work on the team included landscape photography that validated a theory by Mr Englezos that Royal Flying Corps aerial photographs showing the ground before the battle, shortly afterwards and again in 1918 strongly suggested that there were mass graves just outside Pheasant Wood.We take off our hats and thank Colonel Fielding for his part in enabling a last and dignified resting place for many of our war dead, over 90 of which have been identified so now have known graves.The GUARD findings proved conclusions that had been reached earlier by a determined small group of Australians led by Mr Lambis Englezos of Melbourne.

Until last year, the remains of 250 of the soldiers who died during the battle had laid in mass graves dug nearby by the Germany Army next to Pheasant Wood on the outskirts Fromelles village.

Since that time many more veterans of the South African War or their descendants have migrated to Australia.

Whilst the war has been very much overshadowed by subsequent military operations, it deserves to be remembered not only for the sacrifice that Australia made then but also for the following events that had much longer term implications: The National Boer War Memorial Association (NBWMA) has been formed with branches in all states and the ACT as well as a national steering committee.

ACTION FOR A NATIONAL BOER WAR MEMORIAL (By Lieutenant Colonel David Deasey) On the the Treaty of Vereeniging brought to an end the South African War 1899-1902, commonly referred to as the Boer War.

During the course of this war approximately 23,000 Australians served in South Africa of whom nearly 1,000 were killed.

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