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This is my first RWBY story and my first finished work in years.

First chapter turned out way longer than I anticipated, but I think it's an okay set-up for what I want to do with this.

TVs larger than 36 inches have had ATSC tuners since 2005.

I remember watching channel 56 in Boston growing up, and it would barely come in, with lots of snow and noise.

The sex-starved bimbo futa is of course the centerpiece.

The Mistress soon exceeds all expectations, successfully neutralizing the Phantom Futa and preparing for an intense session of interrogation.

That’s not even getting into the way her fat tits are flattening against the glass, the nipple rings tied to condoms loaded with cum.On "Lincoln Has Won", indie rock/cowpunk quintet The Habit, take you on a tour of a scarred country, an America still at war with its changing self.As seen on TV, this premium digital antenna pulls in signals from all directions to provide full 1080 HD television broadcasts from your favorite networks.The problem with digital OTA signals is there are a number of factors that could lead to poor signal quality in your home.I also make a few personal commissions that here and there, so please feel free to check them out.


The key, of course, is you need one little thing that you probably already have.