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I started the process with a complete rebuild of the QF index, and during that \ process, I got a TON of C081 errors on various items.

I couldn't find much on what \ that means, or what to do about it.

If the numbers continue to decrease and get to zero, you've resolved the problem.

I had shut off any other scheduled service during the continuous indexing process.

During the indexing, I connected and checked every four or five hours during the Indexing (you know, billable hours and stuff! I suggest you give it a try as per the fifth paragraph in my original post.

Then you can peek at the console from time to time and confirm that the numbers are decreasing.

Now that I know that, I think it may be my problem as well.

I see now that EVERY time my quickfinder index update runs (once per day), the same batch of 15 or so userids show up, each with an ever-increasing number in the parens.

Information being sent to you may include PHI, after appropriate consent, acknowledgment, or authorization from the patient or under circumstances that do not require patient authorization.

Quick Finder was not scheduled to run on a regular basis.

This, of course, had an impact on everything from address completion to searches to opening, etc.

Regards, Aldo Zanoni Directory of Customer Services Omni Technology Solutions Inc. Its not highly significant..enough that it does not look good...especially with an upgrade where things are supposed to be "better". If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager.

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I know there are varying options on the Frequency that the Quick Finder Index should run, but I'm going to suggest that having the scheduler run more frequently (once every two hours) might actually put less of a strain on your CPU utilisation (fewer messages to Index at once) than running it once a day in off hours.

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