Hook up aunties for sex

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Their only jobs from now on was to amuse and please me and Tricia. How dare he jack off in secret and waste a good boner. Aunt Emily told David he was lucky she took such and interest in him because nobody else gave a shit whether he lived or died.

After that little episode the woman was ruthlessly cruel with the budding teenaged boy.

She put some gunk on his eye lashes then fixed his longish hair with spray and gel so it looked like a girl Told him he looked adorable. She even made him put on a pair of her six inch heels even though they were too small for his feet and he tripped and fell whenever she made him walk around the bedroom. She drilled him for hours on how to walk in them until the teenaged boy could sashay around like a hooker desperate to catch the eye of a john.

She kept telling the boy he made a much better girl than he did a boy.

Then I touched the glowing orange tip of my cigarette to his other tit. Ive used my cigarettes to burn boys in cars, sitting in the bars where you can still smoke, on caf patios, heck I even burned a boy on his thigh while we were sitting on a bench outside the baltimore city library having lunch one fine spring day. Fit and tight and muscled and handsome with oodles of smooth unblemished young man skin practically begging me to burn it. I wanted to hear more about this boy or set fees or anything. A woman didnt have to be born a sadist to appreciate the pleasure of dominating a boy.

s leg and let my cigarette droop until the hot coal burned a hole through his expensive suit pants and settled on his bare skin underneath. She did have a lot of leather clothes she liked to wear. But I think she played rough with them because she just liked it. And she, ummmm, she, ahhhs and Aunties especially, often reach their sexual peak about the time their teenaged sons or nephews reach theirs. If a woman has just the slightest streak of cruelty in her, and most women do, then the temptation to use a male relative to satisfy her perfectly natural sexual and sadistic appetites often wins out. Give a woman power over a good looking boy fifteen to twenty years younger than she is and that power becomes intoxicating.

David was actually making progress in getting his life back.

He was some big shot local architect who was as submissive as any men It move when I put my brand on him right out in public like that. I wanted him to keep his job so he could keep signing his pay checks over to me. She never worked a real job that I knew of but she always had plenty of money. Even if itd used boys that way without any shame or guilt or concern. Even so there was something about the way he talked about his Aunt, or more accurately, something about the way he avoided any specifics that caught my attention. At some point it becomes all about having that power and using it.d been naked when he started. David had bucked and started to turn over to get away from the belt biting into his butt but Aunt Emily grabbed him by the hair and told him to hold still.

He just sat rigid trying to control the agony he felt. I enjoyed it so much I made him take the rest of the day off so we could go to his place. By the time I left for a dinner date he had at least sixty new marks on him. Men with fresh cigarette burns on the face or arms usually attract too much attention with the snooty kinds of clients my financial slave worked for.t apply to boys like David or jimmyslut. The guys she brought home seemed to like giving her things. On his knees his butt stuck up in the air and before he could even finish lapping up his own cum his Aunt Emily started to whip his ass. Shes like him had a penis was to eventually provide pleasure to a woman, a woman like her. But hes Mom had known her boy was no good the moment she set eyes on him.

I figured with two boys we could afford to waste one pretty quick. The veins were popped up and throbbing with each beat of his heart. Our new preys pulse must have been hammering away at a hundred fifty beats per minute.

I stopped by my place and finished up that project I was working on.

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After she has to replace half a dozen or more bus boys. She invites a lawyer woman we all know, a college professor, Trish and me of course, and a lady who works for an insurance company. The kind of women youd see in any nice restaurant or at any high end store.