Intimidating polish translation

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Intimidating polish translation

Most vital records tend to be pretty formulaic, so it’s not necessary to be fluent in a language in order to read genealogical records written in that language.It’s necessary to have the right tools, however, and that’s where the translation guides by Hoffman and Shea come in.Through the years spent polishing my own and others’ translations, I’ve improved a translation process that works well every time.

It’s very true that learning to translate foreign-language records can be intimidating.The old German cursive ( in this 1857 marriage record that I’ve chosen is making my head spin, but hey, practice makes perfect. And if you’re interested in reading more about Hoffman and Shea’s German translation guide, or you’d like to purchase a copy, you can do so at the authors’ website.I should mention that I have no commercial interest in the sale of their books.They offer historical insight into obscure and archaic words that you’ll never find in a modern dictionary, and they provide multiple examples of the forms that each letter of the alphabet can take in print and cursive.One could even argue that their books have driven the course of my research.

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Raising four kids meant that I couldn’t afford to pay for professional translations of each and every genealogy document I found.

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