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Japanese dating games tokyo

Not all of us always enjoy games that are challenging as they can make us feel stressed when they are too difficult to complete.

There are times when we play games just because we want enjoyment and relaxation, or simply to temporarily escape the harsh reality of life.

Playing otome games is very similar to watching a shojo anime series.

So the question, “Why play a game instead of watching an anime,” may be what’s on your mind right now.

These games heavily rely on the player’s selection of dialogues to proceed in the game, and as such, the gameplay bears resemblance to otome games which is also like storytelling.

The major difference is that otome games usually have plots focusing on romance, the character controlled by the player is typically a girl admired by many guys and that the player can choose a romance with whichever guy.

In recent years, things have improved for us who speak English and love otome games. (株式会社ボルテージ) that has been churning out many otome games available in English! is a company founded by Yuji Tsutani (津谷祐司) who is the CEO and chairperson, and his wife, Nanako Higashi (東奈々子), who acts as the co-founder and vice chairperson.Even though in a shojo anime series, we can pretty much already figure out that the lead female character would end up being with the lead male character, some of us still have a preference for the other male character in the series.Despite that, we would still watch the anime series due to its interesting plot and cling to the small possibility that the heroine would choose the other guy at last, but will end up disappointing ourselves in the finale of the series even though we have already quite expected that to happen.Therefore, sometimes, all we need are casual games that don’t require much brain power.A genre of simple, casual games that has been popular among Japanese girls is otome games (乙女ゲーム).

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The style of otome games would easily attract girls who swoon over romantic stories.