Keysa machado dating

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Keysa machado dating

(She also earned bragging rights for dethroning Taylor Swift, whose "Look What You Made Me Do" held the title for three weeks.) But before Bronx-born Cardi—real name Belcalis Almanzar—was making waves for her reality TV career, her music, her personal style, her Instagram videos, or her VMA-stealing performance, she was an exotic dancer, and has spoken frankly about how taking that job allowed her to get out of an abusive relationship; effectively owning her past and using it to fuel her success.It's been called "an unexpected anthem of an unapologetic youth," but perhaps Cardi explained her hit best when she said "' Bodak Yellow is about anyone that doubted me before.'”Over the course of 7 seasons, HBO’s ' Game of Thrones' has had a controversial relationship with its depiction of female characters, particularly with how they're subjected to sexual violence: It can't be forgotten that both Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark were raped by men.While posing for photos with the star at a meet-and-greet, Swift says Muller reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare butt.Mueller was fired from his job, and two years later he sued Swift for million, citing her groping allegations. She didn’t care about the money; she wanted to shine a light on sexual violence—and she did.

As the series reckoned with the backlash of this criticism, the women of the Seven Kingdoms have evolved and given us some of the most empowering women on television, from the Stark sisters (who have grown to reclaim their own narratives) to the multi-titled Khaleesi herself.

Not only did the moment secure meme-status for Waters, but she also created a catchphrase for women who've been mansplained to.

It goes without saying that President Trump’s first day in office wasn't exactly cake.

House Financial Services Committee hearings are typically uneventful affairs, but as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin attempted to evade Waters’ question about President Trump and possible Russian financial ties in July, Auntie Maxine—as she’s known to her legions of fans in California and beyond—would not let him off easily.

Imploring Mnuchin to quit rambling, Waters staunchly asserted that she was “reclaiming her time” and Mnuchin’s long-winded digression promptly stopped.

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Though the death of 32-year-old activist Heather Heyer shocked the country, Heyer’s dedication to fighting discrimination and bigotry soon became a call to action for millions striving for justice, compassion, and equality during a time when these values seem increasingly under attack.

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