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Smaller settlements continued, and eventually dispersed toward the Himalayan foothills, the Ganga-Yamuna plain, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

These results were obtained by studying just one site on the Sarasvati’s dry paleo-channel.

These are rapidly evolving disciplines, which, in the coming years and decades, will revolutionize our understanding of how our species evolved. A more recent study proves that Bhirrana and other settlements in the Sarasvati valley are at least 9,500 years old, and possibly older [1].

These advances in genetics, as well as new archaeological investigations, have brought forth new evidence and presented us with new facts. Sarkar et al’s study found that the Sarasvati was a mighty river along which Indian civilization’s earliest settlements were founded.

The scientific method requires researchers to take a theory seriously until it can be irrefutably demonstrated to be false using systematic observations, carefully controlled and replicable tests and experiments, scientific techniques, the application of logic, and hard evidence.

Science is not concerned with narratives, ideologies, beliefs, dogma, or opinions.

The opposing view, known variously as the Indigenous Aryans theory (IAT) and the Out of India theory (OIT), rejects the AIT/IAMT (henceforth AIT).

The question of the origin of the Indo-Aryans has become the most controversial, emotive, and polarizing debate in India today.

It pits these two diametrically opposing narratives against one another.

This clearly refers to a mighty river in its prime, not one in decline.

This falsifies the AIT account that the Rig Veda was composed after a purported Aryan invasion/migration circa 1,500 BCE, and indicates that it was composed closer to 5,000 BCE when the river was last in its prime per the results of Sarkar et al’s study.

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More than 500 such sites are known to exist along the ancient river’s course, and there may be many more.

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