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Lincoln bi sexual chatrooms

An alternate universe where Chloe gives Max the push she needs to keep in touch with her best friend and continue their friendship during Max's time in Seattle.

The story will go over the events of the games with the help of time skips, but will only go over things that I think would be different because of Max and Chloe's continued relationship, and would like to continue past the events of the games in the future.

Group Chat College Roommate AU Rip Hunter spends his days drinking, brooding, and filling out paperwork at the local police station. (Or, in which Sara accidentally sends a nude to a wrong number and decides the only acceptable solution is for Rip to send one in return.) Modern AU.

Until one day there’s a picture of a naked lady on his phone, and suddenly he’s pretending to date her. Includes lots of texting, fake dating, roommates, and many, many friends who only meddle because they care.

But could Lincoln have ever expected that future generations of Americans would judge him not just on his actions, but his sexuality?

“There’s no question in my mind [Lincoln] was a gay man and a totally gay man.

It wasn’t just a period, but something that went on his whole life”, said ACT-UP activist Larry Kramer in a 1999 interview with .

The only scholarly work that seriously argues that Lincoln was gay is , “I think that there’s the possibility that Lincoln was bisexual. With there never being a definitive answer to Lincoln’s sexuality and most of the evidence pointing to him being “gay” specious at best, why do we still look for it?College is crazy, especially when you live in a house with a probably British duchess, the original Memelord, your older brother, the biggest drama queen in the world, a gremlin, and Hunk.At least they have a group chat to come together and yell at whoever fucked up today.“We cannot escape history.” It’s one of the more memorable lines of a man who, had he not saved the nation from tearing itself in two, would be best known as our nation’s greatest orator.But when Abraham Lincoln warned his countrymen about history in his second inaugural address, he was looking forward rather than to the past, saying, “We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves.

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