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Our cities will come back as cities, just not at the scale of comic book gigantism they achieved at the height of the oil age, when Superman was leaping over The Daily Planet headquarters.

And remember that most of our cities occupy very important sites, most particularly Detroit on its stretch of river between Great Lakes, on the border of Canada.

not to mention the videotaped beheadings of sundry Western journalists and other non-combatants… It gets more difficult for the democracies of the West to evade the recognition that a state of war exists between us and Islamic theocracy.The residue of the city’s skyscraper center still stands on Augustus Woodward’s disorienting semi-circular street grid.There’s a grand wish to bring it all back to life, but personally I think that giant office and apartment towers are not on the menu for The Long Emergency.To calm his dwarf wife Amy's fears about the future, Matt Roloff (also a dwarf) agrees to take a corporate job in the computer software industry.But after years of being his own boss, Matt's transition back into the corporate world is a challenge.

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Detroit, of course, is the most extreme case of civic implosion in the USA.