Luminescence dating definition

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The balance is normally made from an alloy called "glucydur". This material considerably reduces the influence of temperature.

The residual temperature error is compensated by the Nivarox spring.

Decorative processing of edge contours, particularly on the bridges and cocks of a high quality movement.

During angling, a decorative bevelled edge is created (the edge is ‘angled’).

Multiple layers with different types of coating and thicknesses are required to create an anti-reflective effect at different wavelengths (colours) of visible light.

Sinn's sapphire crystals are always coated on both sides to ensure optimum readability.

The split balance wheel creates the two balance "wings".

The adjustment screws inserted on the sides were used to individually compensate the large temperature error of earlier steel balance springs and to carry out the basic adjustment of the movement.

This allows the balance to execute a rotary oscillation which is ultimately responsible for the even running of the watch.

Reflections severely impair the readability of a watch; they reduce both the light permeability of the crystal and also the clarity of the image.

Diffuse points of light and reflected images in non-antireflective glass can in some cases be more dominant than the dial itself.

To compensate for the softening and lengthening of the balance spring as the temperature rose, the inertia of the balance was made obversely dependent upon the temperature.

The bi-metallic effect caused the two balance wings to bend inwards when the temperature increased.

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Such a displacement occurs because the light reflected from the surface of the glass has to travel slightly further than that from the surface of the coating to ensure overlapping.

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