Man2man online sex ads chat

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Man2man online sex ads chat

Happy Birthday,**Happy Birthday Poems Quotes Verses Age isn't important unless you're cheese.What a precious person you've become**A One-year-old child is so many things -- A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings, A hugger of Teddies, A sweet sleepyhead, And someone to dream for in bright years ahead...**A year's gone by, How time has flown, We can't believe how (name)'s grown!**I wouldn'tsay thatyou're've just beenyoung longerthan most of us.May fortune still be kind to you, And happiness be true to you, And life be long and good to you, Is the toast of all your friends to you.**As you are at seven, so you are at seventy.**Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.**Age is like fine wine.... Welcome to uk THE place for all crossdressers and their friends to gather, place your xdresser personal ads and chat with CDs and other like-minded adults for fun and even sex!

Thanks to the internet and website like this one, finding local Xdressing contacts is now even easier, with personal ad sites offering contacts 247 & making adult personals available to everyone when they want and with so many contact sites online choosing the right one for you and your requirements can be quite difficult so with that in mind we offer you free membership so you can try it out first and then pay to upgrade and use the full facilities!Happy Birthday Poems Quotes Verses Count your life by smiles, not tears.Happy Birthday Poems Quotes Verses Don't regret growing old..a privilege...denied many...!Happy Bro-Day(Happy Sis-Day) Verse submitted by Peejay Adapted from a commercial card(Not recommended for use on cards that you sell) **Yesterday, you were (five)Just a kid, a kitten, a pup But today, you're (six) years old You're soooo growed up Jon Bratton c 2005**Happy Birthday Poems Quotes Verses It's easier to get older than it is to get wiser...Happy 40th Birthday Happy Birthday Poems Quotes Verses Her Majesty isn't sending you a telegram this year but......she's happy to know you're halfway there!

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