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So, for better or worse, this is how we came out in our community and we’re gonna stay that way.At this point, even if we didn’t want to, it’s too late!I feel really good about continually finding my own truth and continually being able to share whatever that is.And, being able to make mistakes and grow and let people see it.We’re not born into our culture the way other minorities are like Jews or African Americans.They’re born into their minority culture and their ancestry is handed down and they’re taught what they need to know and how to feel about themselves and, gay people are just born and they wake up one day like “What is this? ” And everything around them tells them that they are a freak or they’re sick or wrong, or that they’re alone, mostly.It’s that knowing that the truth is out there and there is no need to try and manage every relationship that you have.It’s interesting because before the video blogs, before I even started on After Ellen, I had done press.

With that I haven’t really been able to walk away from, and I feel like they need each other and going live was the next natural step, to be more interactive and in more immediate contact with each other.It’s not quite the same as a teenage girl getting attacked, but the Yes, I was really upset! I would say as passionate as Cathy got last week [on the topic of] coming out at Thanksgiving, was how I felt about this phenomenon that’s going on in our community.You know, we went to see the movie Precious and I watched how her mother attacked her, it was the same in The Color Purple where in a marginalized community instead of helping each other up, rips each other down.I think the real important thing that it’s doing is bringing people all over the world together and what I’ve found that people really need is to just identify with each other, and they need to know that it’s OK to be imperfect.And Jill and I are so not afraid to let our imperfections, flaws and our biases show.

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