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With speadsheets the Dunning-Kruger effect looms large and people don't realise what coding skills they don't and should have, even before adding in (say) the horrors of VBA.

Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.Note to both of you Apple-non-fanbois out there, there was no V1.x for Windows: Excel was first released for the Mac.When ported to Windows 2.x the versions for both OSes were synced at 2.0.Even for those of you for whom Excel is a spring chicken, how many applications or even operating systems are you still using of a similar age outside the Office suite? Is that still your grandfather's axe, now that you have replaced the head and your father replaced the handle?Microsoft's legendary spreadsheet software was born in November 1987.

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Given a rich competitive past and current landscape, from such outliers as View Sheet on the BBC Micro, through a continuing twitch from Applix, and Star Calc (via Open Office now Libre Office) thriving, will it be Google Sheets and Libre Office that finally bleed Excel to death?

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