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You can access just the credit report header, though, says Bourne, which lists all addresses for the previous 10 years. "I was sitting with a client who got a text alert that got him very upset," says Winston."[His wife] was out when she wasn't supposed to be. She put charges on their joint account and he got the text." Because the spending was in real time, she couldn't dispute her wrongful whereabouts. "This technology is a great help for us, says Bourne.Sniff out suspicious spending Take a tip from private detectives working on infidelity cases: Before blindly accusing, check credit and checking account statements for odd spending activity."We use bank statements on a daily basis," says Marc Bourne, vice president for Know It All Intelligence Group in Bensalem, Pa."For debit cards, it will list where money has been drawn.If it's at a location they aren't supposed to be, the spouse may be up to something.If payments are made on time and the account is managed well, it will build a positive credit history.As your credit history continues to grow over time, you can continue to improve on it, which will in turn increase your credit scores.

Among the red flags are unexplained and implausible charges for: Indeed, some expenditures will stand out dramatically (it's tough to justify Victoria's Secret purchases for a client), but others might not be such obvious markers. In the case of an unusually expensive gas bill, for example, ask about it and listen for nonsensical excuses.

"If you've been with that person long enough, you know their Social Security number, the mother's maiden name, etc. " Pull credit reports for complete information Nothing indicting on the statements, but your gut tells you your parter is straying?

Obtain a copy of your credit report and look for joint loans or lines of credit that you were previously unaware of.

We look for patterns -- taking out a certain amount of money or a certain time of day.

Once we have that, we can a plan a surveillance." Don't mind the balk: checking statements is your right If you're married, you have a right to know what is going on financially -- and that means accessing both joint and individual accounts at will. What happens when your spouse has made it particularly difficult to locate banking statements?

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"The text alert and email alerts are usually one of the first things we tell the spouse to do. Cheaters have a tendency to cover their tracks so by the time the statement comes in the mail, they've formulated their excuse.