No credit card granny sex sites

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No credit card granny sex sites

Look at the crowd, figure they’re all on minimum wage, and it’s still a lot.The second thought that strikes you is that the ever-longer lines to get into the “secure” area are now the least secure area in America. You could kill as many people as on an airplane, and inflict more long-term economic damage. The TSA has plans to expand the “secure” area, so the insecure perimeter will be somewhere else, with even more vulnerable people standing around waiting to get into it.A week after the Pantybomber, a man broke into the “sterile” area at Newark.When I say “broke into,” that’s Homeland Security-speak for “strolled into,” while crack TSA agent Ruben Hernandez had wandered away from his post and had his back turned.Still, it looks nice and reassuring having all those cameras everywhere, doesn’t it? Fortunately, Continental Airlines at Newark keep their own surveillance video.Unfortunately, the TSA didn’t know the phone number to call or the procedures that had been agreed on for getting hold of the backup tape.So instead they locked down the airport, stopped all flights, pulled everyone off the plane, prevented them from getting food or drink or using the bathroom, and rescreened them all, causing massive inconvenience and loss of time and money.

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And so on 9/11 three out of the four planes followed all the 1970s security procedures and everybody died.

Because in the end the state wasn’t up there with them. This time it was the post-9/11 security procedures that didn’t work, and once again the state wasn’t up there. Abdulmutallab wasn’t on the no-fly list per se—there’s only about 4,000 people on that—but on a kind of standby list for the no-fly list, with about half-a-million people on it. Had he chosen to light up his panties in the bathroom instead of waiting till he got back to his seat, everyone would be dead. But America’s leaders cannot state that simple fact, and so the TSA is obliged to pretend that all seven billion inhabitants of this planet represent an equal threat.

In the end, I forbore to mock the scrutiny of my driver’s licence, as most of us do, lest the TSA stick us on the no-fly list.

Even by the standards of government make-work bureaucracies, they dislike being questioned, and they seem to believe they have the power to pull you off the flight for lèse-majesté.

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“It did a lot of harm because it sent out an alert that people can get away with something like this.” Er, yes.

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