Only child dating

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Only child dating

We seem to share a very close bond with our parents.

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to dating an only child. Nothing is happy go lucky, but rather a rollercoaster ride that amazes everyone.

Okay, fine, maybe the bad press about only children and sharing is true (i.e.

It might just take us a few tries to figure it out.(Note: We love our folks, so will definitely love yours.)We have strong desires to be loved, adored, admired, and appreciated.And we always have this urge because our parents made us the center of their world .It can be super-scary, knowing that when your parents get old, you're the only game in town. To a lot of people with large families, this seems like a nightmare; but we onlies recognize it as the gift and curse that it is.Other onlies understand this — they've had the same panicked thoughts and late-night musings about how they'll take care of their parents by themselves when they get old — even if that day is really far in the future. Being alone that often at a young age does change your perspective — not in a good way or a bad way, necessarily, but in a unique way, and one that others sometimes find it a challenge to relate to. It really puts all those years spent playing Clue alone and feeling sorry for yourself into perspective.

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The stereotype still abounds that only children have boatloads of personality problems that make them unsuitable suitors —and thus, that the only way we can correct these problems is by dating a firstborn or lastborn (that is, if someone so thoroughly well-adjusted would have us). The idea is so pervasive that even a lot of onlies are themselves reluctant to date other only children. In fact, he's the only other only child I've ever dated. I don't like to make vast generalizations about onlies, but most of us did have a lot of space growing up.