Poly speed dating questions

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Poly speed dating questions

But a device like this could also be used for spot advertising – creating momentary images on the sidewalk or parking lot; subliminal advertising – suggesting a variety of products or services inside graphic images; emergency rescue – displaying a series of arrows to help someone lost in a forest; or image masking – to disguise someone’s body and facial features to prevent them from being monitored. Insurance Adjuster Drones – Filing a claim will never been easier. Instant Listing Drone – Put your house up for sale in a matter of minutes.

Facebook intends to use the high-altitude flyers as part of a network of linked satellites, drones and lasers that can beam Internet to remote communities from the sky. Infectious Disease Monitoring Drone – Will alert you whenever you’re about to come into close proximity with someone carrying a contagious disease. The same drones that deliver food and water can also deliver bombs and poison.

Sometimes the most frustrating thing in the world is to feel absolutely powerless.

A couple of years ago, in the early days of the blog, I would do some personal coaching – mostly for friends, occasionally for the odd client or two.

Flying Camouflage Drones – Visually masking everything below. Communication Disruptors – Creating zero-communication zones over targeted areas. Battlefield Medical Supply Drones – Providing almost instant source of supplies and equipment for battlefield injuries. Invisible Spy Drones – Too small to see, with rolling, jumping, flying, attach to anything capabilities. Heat Seeking Bullet Drone – Perhaps the most dangerous weapon ever to be invented, this bullet-size drone can be shot from thousands of miles away at a specific target, and never miss. Solar Powered High-Altitude Wi Fi Drones – In March 2014, Facebook purchased Ascenta, a solar-powered drone company based in the UK. Overnight Sleeper Drones UAV with robotic arm Robotic Arm Drones – Add a robotic arm to a flying drone and a person’s mind begins to swirl with possibilities. Some may think that drones will become the most annoying devices on earth. Without the proper protections, drones can be dangerous.

No problem, and you can even view the image on your smartphone. Plant Communicator Drones – If we listen closely, every plant is speaking to us. Frisbee Turbo Fliers – Comes with a self-balancing turbo booster to assist Frisbee gamers everywhere. The complete list of will easily include over 10,000 listings.

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Correct answers will be given after three attempts. Documentary Drones – Film and motion picture companies using drones for aerial footage, because drones are quieter and don’t vibrate as much as helicopters. Language Partner Drone – Learn a foreign language with an interactive drone partner. Basic Math Drones – Real math problems done with three-dimensional examples, unfolding before your eyes. SAT-ACT Prep Drone – Constant testing until you’re ready for prime time. Archeology – A team of archaeologists uncovered structures thought to be from an ancient Native American village in New Mexico using drones equipped with heat-sensing cameras.

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