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Like many other Eastern countries, Romania finds it difficult to take all the implications of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights into account.

In May 2016, 3 million Romanians signed a petition launched by a group of NGOs collectively called the Family Coalition.

Unfortunately, Romania is less than supportive of the couple’s legal status.

On 20 July, after two years spent battling the Romanian legal system, the couple learned they will have to wait until September to find out whether their marriage status will be officially accepted in Romania.

Unfortunately, in an ironic turn of events, the same day Clai and Adrian discovered that their legal battle was not over yet the Romanian Parliament declared that the legal definition of “family” within Article 48 of the Constitution was eligible for review.

The LGBT community greeted their decision with considerable disappointment, and supporters pleaded with parliamentarians not to forget that real people will be forced to bear the brunt of their future decisions.

Second, for a long time learned culture was governed by official and social commands and developed around courts of princes and boyars, as well as in monasteries.

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The petition called for a change in the wording of the Article 48 of the Romanian Constitution, from “A family is created through consensual marriage between spouses” to “A family is created through consensual marriage between a man and a woman.” This was obviously meant to draw a line at the level of moral open-mindedness promoted in other Western countries and make the Constitution on par with the Romanian Civil Code (Article 259 in particular), to the detriment of LGBT community; especially since it would have been just as “legally justifiable” to adapt the Civil Code to the Constitution.

Lawmakers and politicians in support of Romanian traditional moral values have questioned, among other things, the ethics of a child being raised by LGBT parents: lawyer Teodora Ionescu has said that "There is no way a child can be raised by two mothers or two fathers." Although backed up by 3 million signatures this statement was easily dismantled by gay marriage advocates.

Folk creations (the best known is the ballad Miorița) were the main literary genre until the 18th century.

They were both a source of inspiration for cultivated creators and a structural model.

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A feature of Romanian culture is the special relationship between folklore and the learned culture, determined by two factors.