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Now the police investigate, and evidence points to a man she was seen leaving a party with. See full summary » Frank O'Brien, a petty thief, and his 7-year-long girlfriend Roz want to put an end to their unsteady lifestyle and just do that _last_ job, which involves stealing a valuable painting. See full summary » While watching TV, ex-adman Morris Codman receives a message from God.Advised by the Almighty to go into business for himself, Codman inaugurates his own religion, founded on a philosophy of selfishness.The idea that politicians like Rees-Mogg are just fond figures of fun, caricatures of Britishness which it’s fine to embrace because they make us laugh and must therefore be harmless, is what leads a surprising amount of people to sleepwalk into a right-wing future.Far too many self-proclaimed leftie people I know voted for Boris Johnson to be London Mayor “because he was funny”.And I remember well the infuriating conversations I had with people around the time of the American election where, even as Donald Trump was proposing a Mexican wall, they insisted nothing terrible would happen if he became President because he was “just a funny orange figure really, an all-American eccentric who will say anything but can’t cause any serious harm”.Yes, it is hilarious to read that Rees-Mogg slept in a single bed under a crucifix in white pyjamas every night until he got married – but there are other things that come with the territory.

Just because he’s upfront about it doesn’t make it right.

And no, he isn’t a snake in the grass – he hasn’t come to prominence with promises of the type of “compassionate”, “hug-a-hoodie” conservatism David Cameron espoused. He won’t pretend to have any working class credentials, or hide the fact that he is a deeply traditional Catholic with reactionary ideas.

He is straight-up telling us all what he thinks, and he always has done: indeed, it’s that honesty and authenticity which has apparently resonated with so many grassroots members of his party, at a time when trust in politicians is at an all-time low.

Who could have possibly guessed that a man on the right of the Conservative Party, who cheerfully admits that he has never once bothered to change a single nappy or do a school run despite having six children and who continues to schlep around with his childhood nanny, could hold objectionable views about gender?

A particularly delightful piece about Rees-Mogg said that he’d changed “not a jot” from his days at Eton, “when he carried his belongings in a waxed Harrods bag bearing a Vote Conservative sticker and contemporaries tried to bribe him to swear.” To be fair to Rees-Mogg, he’s never pretended that he isn’t a relic of a bygone era.

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